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Technology Working Group


The IESBA is committed to monitor technology developments through a four-pillar approach. This consists of:

  • Internal board education,
  • Environmental scanning informed by the IESBA’s Technology Experts Group,
  • Ad-hoc analysis of technology impacts on other workstreams as needed, and
  • Facilitating the implementation of the Phase 2 Report recommendations, including contributing to developing or facilitating the development of non-authoritative resources. 
Working Group
IESBA September 2023 Meeting Highlights

The IESBA considered an update from the Technology Working Group, which included activities since its June 2023 meeting.  

Ms. Mary Breslin, founder of Verracy and member of the IESBA’s Technology Experts Group (TEG), shared insights into the ethics dimension of technological developments with the IESBA in a session entitled Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Business Risks and Fraud in Technological Era. The presentation included real-world examples and recent trends illustrating how the convergence of technology with global events creates a dynamic landscape of risks, and how the application of ethics standards addresses these risks.