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June 12-16, 2023 | NYC

Jun 12 - 16, 2023

Registration for Public Observers

This hybrid meeting will be live-streamed on the IESBA YouTube Channel and open to the public for in-person attendance. Please note that availability for in-person attendance is limited.

We kindly request that you register to observe either virtually or in person. Please email your full name, company/organization name, title and whether you're attending in person or virtually to

Download All Agenda Papers

Click here to view and download all public agenda papers in one file. 


Meeting Summary


Agenda Papers

Agenda Item 1 - Introduction and Opening Remarks

Agenda Item 2 - Sustainability

Agenda Item 3 - Sustainability WS1

Agenda Item 4 - Sustainability WS2

Agenda Item 5 - Use of Experts

Agenda Item 6 - Tax Planning and Related Services

Agenda Item 7 - PIE Rollout

Agenda Item 8 - IAASB-IESBA Coordination

Agenda Item 9 - Technology Working Group



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