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The work of the International Ethics Board for Accountants would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of the IESBA Staff.

Our dynamic, collaborative and multi-cultural team of technical staff supports the Board in delivering the IESBA Strategy and Work Plan. Among its key responsibilities, the staff conducts project research; engages with a wide range of stakeholders to present IESBA developments, seek diverse perspectives to inform the IESBA’s deliberations, and promote the IESBA’s work; develops or supports the development of standards, guidance, consultation papers and thought leadership publications; and leads or participates in discussions of the IESBA, the IESBA Consultative Advisory Group (CAG), and the IESBA-National Standard Setters liaison group. 

IESBA staff members are experienced professionals from all over the world and from a variety of professional backgrounds. Our team includes both permanent staff as well as staff fellows, who are seconded to the IESBA for a set period. Each team member brings unique skillsets, allowing us the flexibility and agility we need to support the broad-spectrum work of the Board. At the same time, all team members share a passion for elevating ethics in the public interest.

Outreach beyond the accountancy profession is critical to the IESBA’s work and our staff serves as a conduit between the Board and global leaders from the IESBA’s diverse stakeholder community, including regulators, standard setters, government organizations, investors, preparers, the corporate governance community, and other international stakeholder groups.

Learn more about how you can advance your career through an international standard-setting role, and see the listing of our open positions in the Careers section of our website.

—Ken Siong, Program and Senior Director



Fellowship Program

IESBA fellows are join the IESBA staff from various organizations. They are senior members of our team, working alongside IESBA staff, members and technical advisors from across the global profession.

Fellows may participate in several activities, such as research and information gathering, outreach with our many global stakeholder groups, IESBA and task force meetings, and developing non-authoritative guidance.  


Meet Our Fellow, Shizuka Kaneda

What made you want to pursue this opportunity with the IESBA?
As a secondee from EY Japan, I have been a technical staff at the Ethics Committee at the Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants (JICPA) since 2019 where I was involved in the adoption of the 2018 Restructured Code, and the revisions arising from the Role and Mindset, Fees, Non-Assurance Services and EQR Objectivity projects at the IESBA to our jurisdiction. This secondment is giving me the opportunity to learn the standard-setting process at the IESBA.

What projects are you currently working on with the IESBA?
I am mainly working on Engagement Team – Group Audit Independence project supporting the Task Force with Szilvia Sramko.
How has this opportunity helped you grow as a professional?
Being a secondee is helping me not just to learn the standard-setting process at the IESBA but also giving me the opportunity to build the global network that I will be able to take with me in the future.
What would you tell someone who asked if they should pursue this opportunity?
A fellowship with the IESBA is a great opportunity to be involved in and experience the international standard-setting process and build relationships with professionals and staff from across the world.
What is your favorite part of working with the IESBA?
Diverse working environment with different ethnicity and skills. People are very friendly and supportive in making sure I am part of the team and to have valuable experiences.