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IESBA-IAASB Coordination


To coordinate topics of mutual interests between the IAASB and IESBA, including in particular in relation to the development of the independent Boards strategy and work plans.  The IAASB-IESBA Coordination representatives actively monitor the IAASB’s work to determine whether if it has implications for the Code.

The IESBA Coordination Team helps to develop the agenda for the annual IAASB-IESBA Joint Plenary Meeting, and as appropriate recommends conforming or consequential amendments for the Code as a result of the IAASB’s projects.



  • Saadiya Adam, IAASB-IESBA Liaison and IESBA Member, is the primary IESBA Board member responsible for coordinating the IAASB’s and IESBA’s standard-setting activities. 
IESBA September 2023 Meeting Highlights 

The IESBA and IAASB considered a high-level update on the development of the two Boards’ Strategies and Work Plans 2024-2027 (SWPs), including key comments received from respondents to the two SWP consultation papers on coordination between the two Boards on matters of mutual interest.  

Members from both Boards shared views on opportunities and challenges for coordination with regards to their respective sustainability projects as well as other ongoing and selected potential work streams.