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2014 IESBA Annual Report

| Annual Reports and Plans

In 2014, the IESBA worked to enhance its responsiveness to emerging issues of international relevance in the context of continued heightened scrutiny on ethics following the global financial crisis, and an ever-evolving global environment, all while consolidating its efforts to deliver on its existing strategic commitments, including:

  • advancing the development of international standards and guidance in the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants (the Code);
  • proactively pursuing its stakeholder outreach program; and
  • developing a new structure for the Code to enhance its usability and clarity, thereby supporting its consistent application and enforcement, and furthering its global adoption.

The report includes a message from the incoming Chairman Dr. Stavros Thomadakis. It also discusses the board’s operating environment, highlights achievements from 2014, and summarizes the progress made on each of the projects in the board’s Strategy and Work Plan.

The IESBA is supported operationally by IFAC; thus, its financial results are included within IFAC’s audited financial statements, which are published as part of IFAC's Annual Review.

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