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2011 IESBA Annual Report

Ethics for the Global Accounting Profession—Building on the Groundwork
| Annual Reports and Plans

The 2011 IESBA Annual Report summarizes the progress made on the IESBA's 2011 Work Plan, including key projects on conflicts of interest, addressing a breach of a requirement of the Code, and responding to a suspected illegal act. It also looks forward to 2012, outlining the board’s plans to add additional workstreams (summarized in a Staff Update) to its 2012 Work Plan in response to matters under consideration by the European Commission, US Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, and others. 

It describes the IESBA’s commitment to developing high-quality international ethics standards for the global accountancy profession and emphasizes the board’s long-term objective of facilitating the convergence of national and international ethics standards and continued work to support their consistent implementation.

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