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IESBA Holds Three Global Webinars Explaining the Proposed Revisions to The Code Addressing Tax Planning and Related Services

Recording now available on-demand

Mar 1, 2023 | English

The International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA) recently held three global webinars on the upcoming Tax Planning and Related Services exposure draft (ED). The ED was released on February 17, and comments are requested by May 18.

During the webinars, members of the Tax Planning and Related Services Task Force explained the key proposals in the ED, among other matters, including:

  • Compliance with the fundamental principles, highlighting the types of threats that might be created when providing tax planning activities.
  • Understanding the applicable tax laws and regulations, the legislative intent behind the relevant laws and regulations, and the economic purpose and substance of the transaction.
  • Exercising professional judgment to establish a credible basis for the tax planning arrangement in circumstances of uncertainty. This includes a consideration of the reputational, commercial, and wider economic consequences arising from the way stakeholders might view the arrangement.
  • Communicating relevant matters or concerns with the individual client, management, or those charged with governance, including as part of an escalation process where necessary.
  • Developing an appropriate level of documentation throughout the process to substantiate the judgments, decisions, and actions.

Watch the recordings now and learn more about these important proposals. 


Monday, February 27 | 10 am – 11 am EST | Click here, led by Jens Poll

Tuesday, February 28 | 4 pm – 5 pm EST | Click here, led by Andrew Mintzer

Tuesday, February 28 | 9 pm – 10 pm EST | Click here, led by Channa Wijesinghe