New Delhi, India

February 6 - 8, 2011

Meeting Summary


Agenda Papers

Agenda Item 1: Agenda & Minutes

20110125-IESBA-Agenda Paper 1 - Minutes and Opening Remarks (79K) 20110125-IESBA-Agenda Paper 1-A Draft Minutes Nov 2010 Singapore (127K)

Agenda Item 2: Monitoring Group Report

20110125-IESBA-Agenda Paper 2 - Monitoring Group Report-V1 (80K) 20110125-IESBA-Agenda Paper 2-A Monitoring Group Report (429K) 20110125-IESBA-Agenda Paper 2-B IFAC Response to Monitoring Group Report (172K)

Agenda Item 3: Strategy and Work Plan

20110119-IESBA-Agenda Paper 3 - Strategy and Work Plan-V1 (79K) 20110119-IESBA-Agenda Paper 3-A Strategy and Work Plan Revised-V1 (146K)

Agenda Item 4: SME-SMP

20110124- IESBA-Agenda Paper 4 SME-SMP-V1 (88K) 20110124- IESBA-Agenda Paper 4-B SME-SMP Status Report-V1 (40K) 20110124-IESBA-Agenda Paper 4-A SME-SMP Terms of Reference-Revised (37K)

Agenda Item 5: Responding to Suspected Fraud or Illegal Act

20110125-IESBA-Agenda Paper 5 Responding to a Suspected Fraud or Illegal Act (98K) 20110125-IESBA-Agenda Paper 5-A Responding to Suspected Fraud or Illegal Acts Project Proposal (37K) 20110125-IESBA-Agenda Paper 5-B Responding to a Suspected Fraud or Ilegal Act Draft Wording (33K)

Agenda Item 7: Definition of Professional Accountant

20110119-IESBA-Agenda Paper 7 - Definition of Professional Accountant-V1 (81K) 20110119-IESBA-Agenda Paper 7-A Definition of Professional Accountant cover memo-V1 (19K) 20110119-IESBA-Agenda Paper 7-B Definition of Professional Accountant Staff Paper-V1 (145K)

Agenda Item 8: Inadvertent Violation

20110119-IESBA-Agenda Paper 8 - Inadvertent Violation-V1 (139K) 20110119-IESBA-Agenda Paper 8-A Project Proposal-V1 (31K) 20110119-IESBA-Agenda Paper 8-B Inadvertent Violation Draft provisions-V1 (26K)

Agenda Item 9: IFAC Public Interest ED

20110119-IESBA-Agenda Paper 9 - IFAC Public Interest ED-V1 (80K) 20110119-IESBA-Agenda Paper 9-A IFAC ED Public Interest-V1 (177K)

Agenda Paper 6: Conflicts of Interest

20110126-IESBA-Agenda Paper 6 - Conflicts of Interest FINAL (127K) 20110126-IESBA-Agenda Paper 6-A Draft of Section 100 and 310 FINAL (50K) 20110126-IESBA-Agenda Paper 6-B Preliminary draft of outline of Section 220 FINAL (48K)


20110214-IESBA-Conflicts of Interest-Presentation-Final (164K) 20110214-IESBA-Definition of Professional Accountant-Presentation-Final (146K) 20110214-IESBA-EC Summary of Responses to the Green Paper-Presentation-V1 (132K) 20110214-IESBA-IFAC Public Interest ED-Presentation-Final (158K) 20110214-IESBA-Inadvertent Violation-Presentation-Final (148K) 20110214-IESBA-Monitoring Group Report-Presentation-Final (149K) 20110214-IESBA-Responding to Suspected Fraud-Presentation-Final (189K) 20110214-IESBA-SME SMP Task Force Report-Presentation-Final (146K)

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