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IESBA Project Timetable as of June 2023

IESBA Key Projects and Initiatives Timetable 

Projects/Initiatives 2023 2024

Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2
Tax Planning and Related Services
Full review ED comments Approve final
Sustainability Work stream (WS) 1 - Independence
WS 2 - Ethics
First Read
Approve ED
Use of Experts First Read Approve ED High Level
Update ED Comments
Strategy & Work Plan (SWP)  First Read SWP Approve SWP
PIE – Rollout and IAASB coordination  Update Update Update Update
IESBA-IAASB Coordination Update Update Update Update
Emerging Issues & Outreach Committee Update Update
Technology Working Group Update Update
NOCLAR Post-Implementation Review Discussion Discussion Discussion
Collective Investment Vehicles Terms of Reference Issues Issues