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Proposed Revisions to the Fee-related Provisions of the Code

| Exposure Drafts and Consultation Papers
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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the comment deadline is extended to June 4

The proposed revisions to the fee-related provisions of the code include: 

  •  A prohibition on firms allowing the audit fee to be influenced by the provision of services other than audit to the audit client;
  • In the case of PIEs, a requirement to cease to act as auditor if fee dependency on the audit client continues beyond a specified period; and
  • Communication of fee-related information to TCWG and to the public to assist their judgments about auditor independence.

The Fees ED also includes enhanced guidance on identifying, evaluating and addressing threats to independence in relation to other fee-related matters, including the proportion of fees for services other than audit to the audit fee.


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Submitted Comment Letters

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  18. Nexia International (183.67 KB)
     (United Kingdom)
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  22.  (Malaysia)
  23.  (India)
  24. KPMG IFRG Limited (84.77 KB)
     (United Kingdom)
  25. Crowe Global (136.86 KB)
     (United States of America)
  26.  (United States of America)
  27.  (Japan)
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  29.  (Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China)
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  31.  (Korea)
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  36.  (Malaysia)
  37. Moore Global (204.2 KB)
     (United Kingdom)
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  45. RSM International (295.25 KB)
     (United Kingdom)
  46.  (Ireland)
  47.  (South Africa)
  48. MAZARS (1.4 MB)
  49.  (United States of America)
  50.  (Spain)